As the Brexit circus rages on, young people feel ‘uncertain’ and ‘concerned’

Simon Doherty and Kimberley Moore

Simon Doherty and Kimberley Moore spent the morning walking around London asking young people what they think about Brexit

15 November 2018 17:49

May has hatched a frightfully dreadful Brexit deal. It’s unsurprising that her cabinet is turning against her and a vote of no-confidence is on the cards. Apart from that though, despite the round-the-clock media coverage, there still aren’t many people who know what’s really going on.

Let’s get one thing clear: It was the older generation that got us into this mess – an estimated 70-75 per cent of young people voted to remain. And the legacy of the old will be this: fewer career opportunities for young people, fewer opportunities to work and study abroad for young people and an economic calamity that we will suffer from for the rest of our lives.

Anyway, it’s young people that have been well and truly cheated by the ugly orgy of misinformation that was the 2016 referendum. So, we headed out to London to find out how they are feeling about Brexit right now.

Jonathan, 23, language student
Niya, 20, history of art student
Lorenzo, 19, a philosophy, politics and economics student
Andre, 22, a psychology student + Malachi the dog
Patricia, 25, nurse

‘I think that a lot of people didn’t quite understand what was going on before they voted. England decided as a whole, but some of those people have realised what outcome it could cause.

‘Another referendum would be great because I think that a lot of people have changed their mind. I am a nurse here and I am from Poland originally. I do feel secure about my future because you guys don’t have many nurses.

‘But if this goes through it will most probably build a wall for nurses that want to work here. They will prefer to go to Norway, Denmark or Germany. Different places where they feel accepted.’

Zara, 18, international relations student
Laura, 21, a photographer
Eric, 27, videographer