Politics 26 October 2018 | 15:39

Congratulations, Ruth and Jen

26 October 2018 15:39

It is no secret that we at DRUGSTORE CULTURE are big fans of Ruth Davidson – who was our very first video interviewee. So we are especially thrilled to learn that she gave birth this morning to a baby boy, Finn, at Edinburgh royal infirmary.

She and her partner, Jen Wilson, had been delighted at the speed with which Ruth became pregnant and are even more thrilled at the safe arrival of their son, who weighed 4.6 kg (10lb 2oz). Wilson says: ‘It was wonderful to welcome baby Finn into the world this morning. He is beautiful and already very loved. Ruth did brilliantly and Finn clearly has his mother’s lungs on him!’

We send them both our huge congratulations and wish their growing family every happiness.