Politics 1 October 2018 | 12:57

Kanye West must be stopped

01 October 2018 12:57

How do you solve a problem like Kanye West? With every headline, tweet and selfie sporting Trump merchandise, a little part of me of dies inside. Where is the man who once accused President Bush of not caring about black people post Hurricane Katrina? Perhaps he’s buried under sudden avalanche of Birkin bags in one of the many closets at the Kardashian-West residence – although, even Kim appears to be keeping him at distance for the time being.

Over the weekend, Kanye appeared on Saturday Night Live wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ cap, ended his performance with a pro-Trump rant, and was consequently booed off stage by the audience. Undeterred by this blatantly negative feedback, he then took a page out of his new idol Trump’s book, heading to Twitter to post a close-up selfie of his cap on a private jet accompanied by a disturbing message.

‘This represents good and America becoming whole again,’ he wrote.  ‘We will no longer outsource to other countries. We build factories here in America and create jobs. We will provide jobs for all who are free from prisons as we abolish the 13th amendment.’

That’s right, just a few months after he suggested that slavery was a ‘choice’, he wants rid of the amendment that abolished the slave trade in the US in the first place. According to Kanye, ‘the 13th Amendment is slavery in disguise, meaning it never ended. We are the solution that heals.’ If by ‘we’ he’s referring to himself and Trump, then we need to find an alternative remedy for society’s wounds pronto.

West’s manic tirades have now passed the point of being pitiful. No longer can we simply feel sorry for him and his mental health struggles. Yes, the man needs desperate help, but he also needs a social media detox and a frank talking to. Of course, people are entitled to their own opinions, but as a black man, Kanye’s offensive comments about slavery and his support of Trump will only embolden the alt-right’s agenda. A prolific black man that inadvertently denounces his own race with regularity, it’s almost as if he’s been programmed to be used as Trump’s own personal puppet. ‘See, Kanye West agrees, so it’s not racist,’ say the racists, and we’re back to square one.