Music 20 November 2018 | 16:28

Irvine Welsh to release acid house album

20 November 2018 16:28

Irvine Welsh, the 60-year-old Scottish novelist and playwright, has announced that he is producing an acid house album. The celebrated author of Trainspotting (1993), The Acid House (1994) and more recently Dead Men’s Trousers (2018) has already been reportedly playing some of his tracks during guest DJ sets during a recent tour promoting the latter book.

The new title, Dead Men’s Trousers, follows the character Mark Renton (one of the main protagonists of Trainspotting, remember?) as he tries to make it in the uber-competitive world of DJ management. The book was described by the Guardian as ‘a whooping last hurrah (possibly) for the Trainspotting gang’.

Speaking about his upcoming album, Welsh told The Scottish Sun: ‘It’s not really banging, full-on mad stuff, but it’s a lot of classic acid house – swirling effects and noises and boomy basslines. Some of it is pretty groovy. Hopefully people are going to jump around and have a bop, but you’re not going to have your ears bleeding. And you’re not going to want to be stripped to the waist, salivating and banging your head off the floor.’ (That’s a shame.)

According to the tabloid, Welsh wants to ‘inject fun and humour’ into his tracks, offer an alternative to ‘joyless young artists who have mastered the tech to create music at home but don’t dance’ and ‘sing on some [tracks] in a German accent’. But, then again, the hack who wrote it also described the venture as a ‘techno dance album’, so forgive me for not taking their opinion seriously. After all, The Sun isn’t exactly known as a bastion of underground dance music.

But an acid house album from Welsh? Given the influence that the acid house movement, in the late-80s/early-90s, had on Welsh’s life and work, this has the potential to be something quite special. ‘I remember going up to Shoom [the UK’s first house night founded by acid house legend Danny Rampling] and being the only cunt there that wasn’t on ecstasy and not getting it at all,’ the author told Mixmag, speaking about his early experiences of acid house.

‘About a year later I was at Pure in Edinburgh and I thought, I might as well take one of these pills, because I was very anti-drugs back then, I’d been a heroin user and I thought, I’m not getting into that fucking shit again.’

It was around that time that Welsh started penning some of his most outstanding work. ‘After punk I had like five or six years of just being a really straight, career-orientated, boring 9-5 bastard really,’ he says. ‘I always wanted to do something creative and it gave me that surge. I thought, this is it, this was the blast of energy and I’m going to make it work for me.’

‘I was a failed musician and I wanted to be something creative. It gave me that emphasis and I had tried it and it failed and I thought, this is the second wave, this is my second chance. Don’t make the same mistake again – be successful this time.’

Welsh may be a regular DJ, but this is his first foray into the world of music production. He’s also recently revealed that he’ll be moving back to Europe after an extended period of living in the US. No release date for his album has been confirmed yet, but watch this space.