Art 15 November 2018 | 9:18

Inside Veuve Clicquot’s latest Widow Series installation

15 November 2018 09:18

Grace Jones, David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, Lady Gaga – these are just a few of the famous faces who the latest artist to take on Veuve Clicquot’s Widow Series has collaborated with throughout his career. Over four floors and six different rooms, in the Bargehouse at Oxo Tower Wharf, the award-winning creative director Tom Hingston has crafted a tribute to Britain’s radical spirit in REBELS. ‘The world is in perpetual motion and we must invent the things of tomorrow,’ said the brand’s founder, Madame Clicquot, in the 1800s. By the looks of it, Tom took this idea and ran with it.

Walking into the installation is like entering a very beautiful rave. There’s a low hum in the reception area, a space that’s only lit by a neon sign that illuminates a soft cloud of smoke in the air. The party starts on the first floor, where the punk attitude is alive and well, as the Young Farthers belt their song ‘Get Up’ in a music video directed by Hingston and Thomas James. It’s chaotic and commands attention, encouraging its audience to leave their inhibitions at the door and enter a world of British subcultures.

DRUGSTORE CULTURE visits the installation.

Animatronic alien busts that eerily catch your gaze, daisies that look as though there’s an electric current flowing through them, original squat rave speakers and algae all feature throughout the next five rooms. It attacks all of the senses – particularly in the bar, where you can grab a glass of Veuve Clicquot, obviously.

The fourth curator to tackle the Widow Series – previous years have seen Nick Knight, FKA Twigs and Carine Roitfeld each take their turn – Tom Higstons approach to the project is both ambitious and poignant during a time when celebrating those who dare to stand out from the crowd is more important than ever.

Only on for three evenings, from 15 to 17 of November, tickets to this cost £22 and include a glass of champagne. Go alone or with friends, get inspired and rebel. You won’t have ever seen anything like it before, that’s for sure.