Start here 1 October 2018 | 7:22


Peter Hoskin

Peter Hoskin introduces a new section of the website, where our team will be posting live responses to cultural news

01 October 2018 07:22

A website is an iterative process. You review it and renew it, so that it doesn’t look the same after a year as it did on Day One. In fact, it probably won’t look the same after just two weeks.

Which brings us on to this website, Two weeks into its life, it now looks different – and not just because of all the articles and videos that have been added.

Today we launch DRUGSTORE NOW. You’ll notice it sitting very neatly on the left-hand side of the homepage. This is our new feed for shorter stories and observations – much like this one, in fact. So, as well as the longer essays and Prescription recommendations that have always been on the site, you’ll be able to read the DRUGSTORE TEAM’s insta-responses to the day’s cultural news as it happens.

For the time being, you’ll also be able to find our DRUGSTORE NOW posts in the Read section – but, like I say, a website is an iterative process. They could gain their own section in the fullness of time, or maybe not. As a wise man once said, the future is unwritten. And so too, we might add, is its code.

Courtesy of the brilliant web designers at Wondersauce, there are a lot more improvements to come – including, as we mentioned in the first episode of our vodcast series, the Portfolio section, which will show-off the work of artists we like.

It’s one of the reasons why we keep on saying ‘Start Here’. This is just the start.