Remembrance Day 9 November 2018 | 10:36

Click on the poppy above – and donate

09 November 2018 10:36

DRUGSTORE CULTURE is proud to run the poppy on its masthead, not in response to social pressure or as a matter of calendrical routine – but because it is right to commemorate those who have given their lives in service. The poppy is not a symbol of militarism, imperialism or bloodshed. It marks respect for the dead, recognition of sacrifice and the importance of remembrance. As a change-embracing, future-facing title, we never forget that civilisation and culture are grounded in all that is best in the past.

Please click on the poppy to donate to the Royal British Legion, one of the finest charities in the land which does so much for services families and for veterans. Whatever your politics, this is a fantastic cause and well worth your time and generosity. What better way to mark the centenary of the Armistice that ended the First World War? Please give – and remember.