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Ariana Grande's attitude is what everyone needs

05 October 2018 14:34

Last night I woke up at 4am. Typical that the one time I manage to fall asleep at reasonable hour, my brain decides to prematurely switch back on in an act of unreasonable, counterproductive protest. It could have been the crying baby next door that woke me up, but actually, I think it might have been intuition or hidden psychic powers, because when I naturally reached to check my phone, I saw that Ariana Grande had been tweeting.

Yes, I’m an Arianator, and yes, her social media movements are big deal. As if you even had to ask. This morning’s tweet and Instagram post (she covered all grounds) were particularly exciting, however, as she leaked a snippet of a new song. The 45 second clip of a song playing in a recording studio, captioned ‘tell me how good it feels to be needed’, sent Arianators into a worldwide frenzy. For some context, this is coming just days after she posted a picture of a track list with song titles scribbled out and tweeted ‘Can’t wait for you guys to start being weird little ag5 [her fifth studio album] detectives.’ New music is coming, and our ears are eagerly pricked up.

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tell me how good it feels to be needed

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They may seem like sweet and innocent teenage girls on the surface, but dig a little deeper and you’ll find that Arianators are hardcore private investigators, and Grande apparently gets a huge thrill out of leaving them – sorry, us – clues to snoop on. I already had a pretty good idea of what her fourth album Sweetner was going to sound like months before its release, thanks to YouTube videos where the most dedicated fans piece song snippets, like the one she’s just leaked, together, along with potential track lists and photoshopped album artwork. There are even videos dedicated to demos that didn’t make the cut, or alternative versions of the songs that did. People are literally forging YouTube careers out of being a professional Arianators.

But its not just Ari-investigators who are obsessed with the soon to be pop legend. Over the past year or so, the whole world has become fascinated with the movements of Grande, partly driven by her swift engagement to comedian Pete Davidson, but also, I think, because we’re desperate to understand what might be going on inside her mind. It’s impossible to imagine how difficult her life must be after the Manchester attack last year and the recent death of her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller, but still, she’s proclaiming that there’s ‘No Tears Left To Cry’, working on new music and dancing in the rain with her friends. She lets the world in through song leaks and late-night tweet-athons, but while she has admitted to having PTSD and going to therapy, we’ll never really know how she stays so strong. And ultimately, in a time riddled with anxiety, that’s what we’re after: we all just want to borrow a bit of Grande’s courage.