Politics 15 November 2018 | 12:00

A People's Vote is the only way out out of this Government's soap opera

15 November 2018 12:00

I was never a fan of soap operas. Whilst many of my peers were enjoying EastEnders or Coronation Street, I was outside enjoying the Cornish countryside. So that may be why I’ve no time for the soap opera currently consuming the Government and British Politics. At the time of writing, five Government Ministers have resigned their posts – including the Brexit Secretary.

How Dominic Raab MP, the man who has overseen the Brexit process for months, can now resign saying he doesn’t like his Government’s negotiation strategy, only he will know. Either way – stalemate looms.

If Theresa May is known for anything, it is stubbornness. She (wrongly) believes that it is her duty to deliver on the false prospectus of Brexit. She will not willingly go anywhere, nor will she change her mind.

There is no majority for any kind of Brexit in Parliament. Too soft, and the hard Brexiters in the European Research Group won’t allow any kind of vassalage to the European Union. Too hard, and many moderate voices in the Conservative Party and Labour won’t stand for anything that will harm the economic futures and the future of young people of the UK.

And whilst Labour may say otherwise, there is no chance of a General Election. The Fixed Term Parliament’s Act means two thirds of the House of Commons would need to vote for one. There is absolutely no chance that Conservative MPs would vote for an election at which they are terrified of losing to Jeremy Corbyn.

And doing nothing isn’t an option either. Parliament will not allow – as some would like – the clock to run out on a ‘No Deal’ Brexit, which we know will be catastrophic for the UK.

So there’s simply only one option to break the deadlock: a second referendum.

A People’s Vote on the Brexit Deal would do several things. Firstly, it would take the choice away from the politicians who simply can’t decide what to do next. Secondly, it would give t millions of people the option to give their judgement on a Brexit Deal that – whether you voted Leave or Remain – is a million miles away from what was promised. Finally, 1.5 million young people who have turned 18 since the EU referendum in 2016 will finally get to have a say over their futures.

Amanda Chetwynd-Cowieson is a co-founder of For our Future’s Sake.